We strive to maintain and preserve our Cree Culture by practicing our traditional activities  in Eeyou Istchee.We believe by maintaining these Cree Principles and Values we can pass it on to our younger generation.

Driven by the objectives of Incorporation in 1978 of the Cree Trappers’ Association, we will continue to consult with other entities in providing the protection of the needs and interests of our Cree trappers.

Our members are so closely tied to their respective hunting territories; their respective lands are the very heart, the centre of why they exist. That is why, in the James Bay Northern Quebec Agreement, we have committed custom essay web service ourselves especially to the establishment of a land regime that will be equitable and that it will satisfy the needs of our members.

As we do each year, we present the fur marketing program in our Annual Activity report and to our members at our Annual General Assembly.

Overall, there is a continuation of blessings to our people on the land.