“The land is, and has been for thousands of years, the economic base of my people. Left alone for another thousand years, we would still survive!” John Petagumskum – Cree Elder – Whapmagoostui.

One of the many goals of the CTA is to promote sales and assist in the orderly collection and marketing of wild furs by its 5000 members. Many issues, however, over the years have affected the sales of Cree furs, the European fur ban being particularly harmful. The European agreement has since addressed these issues.

The traditional wildlife and trapline management expertise of the tallymen must be preserved and passed on to future generations. The CTA is taking responsibility for preserving this knowledge and assuring the future of this resource base.

The role of the Cree Trappers’ Association is an important one, it is to protect and maintain a way of life that completely identifies who we really are as Eeouch who depend and continue to depend on the land for survival. Our parents, grand-parents and all of our ancestors never gave up, nor became tired of maintaining this way of life and ensuring we would be able to use the important components of this way of life today.


picIsaacMastyIsaac Masty elected President
August 4, 2011