On July 16, 2007, an agreement entitled an do my accounting homework “Agreement Concerning a New Relationship between the Government of Canada and the Cree of Eeyou Istchee”, which includes a financial package of $1.4 billion over a number of years and would clarify and facilitate the implementation of Canada’s obligations under the JBNQA going forward. The agreement seeks to resolve disputes related to the implementation of the JBNQA outstanding over the last 30 years, and secures mutual agreement between Canada and best bed pillows reviews the Crees on obligations for the next 20 years, with a process to extend that initial timeframe.

Chapter 4.11 of this Agreement deals with the assumption of Canada’s obligations to the Cree Trappers’ Association by the Cree Nation.

  • 4.11 Funding for Certain Cree Associations
    • The assumptions in relation to the provisions of the JBNQA contemplated by paragraphs , and of this Agreement regarding the CTA, COTA and CNACA are premised on continued annual funding from Canada to the said associations for the Term of this Agreement. In the event such annual funding is not continued for any reason whatsoever, then the assumption of the said undertakings contemplated by paragraphs , and of this Agreement shall cease as of the date such annual funding is not continued, and such undertakings shall be assumed by Canada from that date onward and shall no longer form part of the Assumed Federal JBNQA Responsibilities.