Presently the Cree Trappers’ Services Trust “Ishthchiikun” (Business arm of CTA) has insurance for trapline cabins under an “all risks” policy with the Board of Compensation Cree Collective Deductible Insurance. Many of the Cree Nations and Cree Entities have an insurance coverage for their buildings, vehicles and equipment under the Cree Collective Deductible Insurance Program of the Board of Compensation. The Cree Trappers Association joined this Cree Insurance Program in July 20, 2006 for their 268 cabins, HF radios, buildings, vehicles, office equipment and Directors liabilities.

The annual premium for each cabin is $220, and $ 0.625 per $ 100 for other trapper equipment. The Cree Trappers’ Services Trust pays approximately $ 39,000 annually for the trapline cabin portion of the insurance.

The cabin insurance fund was depleting rapidly due to poor participation from our members. In fiscal year 2008-2009 the insurance fund had a deficit of $ 31,000. At the December 2008 Board meeting of the Cree Trappers’ Services Trust “Ishthchiikun” it was agreed to pass a resolution approving that the cabin insurance premiums be paid by each community from their CQA/CCA funds. When the premiums are collected from the trappers each community’s CQA/CCA funds will be adjusted to the amount received from that community.

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