Eeyou Indoh-hoh Weeshou-Wehwun

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The Cree Trappers’ Association is now at the final stages of the community consultations for the recognition of the Eeyou Hunting Law from all the Cree communities. Of the ten communities which includes Washaw Sibi Nation, there are five communities left to do. The remaining Cree communities are:

  • 1.) Wemindji
  • 2.) Nemaska
  • 3.) Mistissini
  • 4.) Ouje-Bougoumou
  • 5.) Washaw Sibi Nation

Once the remaining five communities are consulted and have adopted a members’ resolution recognizing the Eeyou Hunting Law then the Executive plans to make a presentation to Council / Board for their consideration. The Cree communities’ consultations that are completed and have adopted members’ resolution are as follows:

  • 1.) Whapmagoostui
  • 2.) Chisasibi
  • 3.) Eastmain
  • 4.) Waskaganish
  • 5.) Waswanipi

The Executive and Board of Cree Trappers’ Association wishes to thank the Cree communities that have completed the consultations and have adopted their members’ resolution recognizing Eeyou Hunting Law and we are waiting for the other Cree communities to do the same.

One of the important components of the Eeyou Hunting Law is the Trapline Dispute Mechanism and the Registrationof Cree Traplines. Since C.T.A. didn’t have a standard system of how to deal with trapline disputes, C.T.A.tried to develop a system within the Eeyou Hunting Law to standardize a system that could be tried by the Cree communities and C.T.A. In section Part VII: Dispute Resolution Mechanism of the Eeyou Hunting Law Document here is a proposed three step system to settle trapline disputes in Eeyou Istchee. The first two steps are local initiatives and third step is when outside or external assistance is requested to provide assistance in trying to find a solution to the dispute by consensus of the family members.

The other important component is the Registration of Cree Traplines. The Trapline Dispute Mechanism and Cree Trapline Registration are two new components in the Eeyou Hunting Law. Once all the Cree communities and the Grand Council of Crees of Eeyou Istchee has adopted a resolution recognizing the Eeyou Hunting Law and has approved the two new components (Trapline Dispute Mechanism and Registration of Cree Traplines) then the work of registration of Cree traplines can start.