The 2007-2008 fur marketing program was more successful overall than the 2006-2007 fur year for Ishthchiikun, the Trappers and their families. The quantity of pelts handled by Ishthchiikun was less than 2006-2007 and the average prices paid per pelt were slightly lower. First fur checks totaled $ 113,378.00. Despite the lower quantity of pelts handled the final fur sales results for 2007-2008 were better then the preceding year. Every effort was made by the staff to reduce the expenses of running the fur marketing program and they were reduced by seventy-two per cent (72%) from 2006-2007 to 2007-2008.

The good news is that nearly $ 100,000.00 will be paid out in second fur checks to Trappers who sold their furs through Ishthchiikun. This amount being the benefit from all furs sold for this trapping year. Ishthchiikun remains optimistic for fur prices and the fur market going forward into the 2009-2010 fur year.

Summary of Furs Sold by Ishthchiikun (0.6MB pdf)
Ishthchiikun Fur Sales Report (0.2MB pdf)