On November 11, 1975, the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement was signed between the Government of Quebec, SEBJ, SDBJ and Hydro Quebec; the Grand Council of the Crees (of Quebec) and the James Bay Crees, the Northern Quebec Inuit Association, the Inuit of Quebec and the Inuit of Port Burwell; and the Government of Canada.

This was the first modern day treaty that sought to finalize sumter plagiarism essay writing essay writer custom essay writing service the Quebec Boundaries Extension Act of 1912 and allow for the development of the La Grande Hydro Electric Project. Section 28.5 of the JBNQA is the section that deals with the formation of The Cree Trappers’ Association.

  • 28.5.1 As soon as possible, following the execution of the
    Agreement, feasibility studies respecting the formation of a Cree
    Trappers’ Association shall be undertaken jointly by Canada, Quebec and
    the Cree Regional Authority.
  • 28.5.2 The parties referred to at paragraph 28.5.1 shall examine
    the possibility of the formation of a Joint Founding Committee
    involving representation from the Cree communities to assist and
    participate in the feasibility studies.
  • 28.5.3 The feasibility studies shall involve consultation with
    individual Cree trappers or groups or trappers within each community.
  • 28.5.4 The feasibility studies shall, if possible, be completed
    by July 01, 1976.
  • 28.5.5. The feasibility studies respecting the Cree Trappers’
    Association shall consider and contain recommendations respecting the
    following matters :

    • a) a trapline development program including measures respecting
      camps, communication and travel facilities;
    • b) improved trapper capability including measures to increase
      availability of and sources of funds for equipment, supplies and
    • c) fur marketing and promotion to increase the trappers returns
      including fur collection services;
    • d) improved biological production including habitat
      improvement, species rehabilitation ghostwriteronline.eu and wildlife surveys;
    • e) trappers’ training programs, courses on fur grading,
      marketing and fur depot management;
    • f) transfer to the Association of appropriate government
      services and programs related to trapping;
    • g) possible development of other sectors of the fur industry;
    • h) program management and administration; 9
    • i) physical facilities necessary for the operation of the
    • j) objects, funding and administration of the Cree Trappers’
      Association including, inter alia, the respective participation of the
      federal and provincial and Cree governments in funding.
  • 28.5.6 Subject to the results of the feasibility studies and in
    the event that a Cree Trappers Association is established, Canada,
    Quebec and the Cree Regional Authority, in a proportion to be mutually
    agreed upon shall assist the Association to the extent possible with
    funding with respect to its objects including :

    • a) programs to be operated by the Cree Trappers’ Association;
    • b) capital funding for physical facilities in each Cree
      community as
    • well as central facilities, if necessary, and for loan funds;
    • c) costs connected with the operation of the Association.
    • The objects of the Cree Trappers’ Association are :
    • a) to represent and act on behalf of the Cree Trappers of
      Quebec with respect to problems involved in all sectors of the fur
      industry in Canada and to protect and defend their interests with
      respect thereto;
    • b) to encourage the conservation of fur-bearing animals as a
      renewable natural resource and to encourage and promote humane methods
      of harvesting;
    • c) to promote the sale and assist in the orderly collection and
      marketing of wild furs by its members in all markets of the world;
    • d) to act as a regional council, group or association to solve
      and assist in solving all problems affecting the welfare of the Cree
      trappers of Quebec ;
    • e) to assist the Cree trappers of Quebec through all means
      permitted by law to affirm, exercise, protect, enlarge and have
      recognized and accepted their rights, guarantees, claims and interests;

Taken from:

The James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement

and Complementary Agreements, 1991 Edition.