The objectives of the Cree Trappers’ Association are :

  • a) to represent and act on behalf of the Cree Trappers of Quebec with respect to problems involved in all sectors of the fur industry in Canada and to protect and defend their interests with respect thereto;
  • b) to encourage the conservation of fur-bearing animals as a renewable natural resource and to encourage and promote humane methods of harvesting;
  • c) to promote the sale and assist in the orderly collection and marketing of wild furs by its members in all markets of the world;
  • d) to act as a regional council, group or association to solve and assist in solving all problems affecting the welfare of the Cree trappers of Quebec ;
  • e) to assist the Cree trappers of Quebec through all means permitted by law to affirm, exercise, protect, enlarge and have
    recognized and accepted their rights, guarantees, claims and interests;
  • f) to foster, promote, protect and assist in preserving the way of life, values, activities and traditions of the Cree trappers of Quebec and to safeguard the system of the Cree traplines;
  • g) to advise on methods and means of obtaining and to assist in obtaining the maximum possible benefits and advantages for the Cree trappers of Quebec;
  • h) to protect and promote the rights, guarantees, claims and interests of the Cree trappers of Quebec with respect to the effects of development, and to study, organize and implement remedial works and measures, as well as measures relating to the protection and enhancement of wildlife;
  • i) to discuss and deal with all governments, public authorities and other agencies, all corporations and persons in relation to the rights, guarantees, claims and interests of the Cree trappers of Quebec and, particularly, with respect to the development and improvement of fur processing management and marketing and the transfer of the Association of appropriate government services and programs related to
  • j) to carry on research and provide or arrange for the provision of training programs and of technical, professional, educational and other assistance to improve the welfare of the Cree trappers of Quebec;
  • k) to provide, administer and manage regional services and programs with respect to trapline development, communication, camps,transportation, supplies, all aspects of fur processing, management and marketing, the construction and maintenance of physical facilities and all other activities which may affect or benefit the Cree trappers of Quebec;
  • l) to act as a vehicle for the obtaining, management, holding, administration, investment, distribution and placement of funds of or to be used for the benefit of the Cree trappers of Quebec;
  • m) to work with other trappers’ associations and other native organizations with respect to any common goals, aspirations and pursuits;
  • n) to do all such other things as are necessary, incidental or conductive to the attainment of the foregoing objects.

Taken from:
The incorporation papers of the Association
recorded March 31, 1978