Science and Technology Report (3.2MB pdf)

Cree Science and Technology Program

For the first time in several years, persons involved in the planning of “Plan Nord” requested for this document which C.T.A. produced in 2004. There were several sub-groups who were working on Plan Nord. Three of these sub-groups requested for the document. It was hoped by C.T.A. that this document may come alive and be used in the Plan Nord. But unfortunately this did not happen. C.T.A. will have to continue to lobby with Cree School Board with this program and its implementation and funding. It seems nobody knows how to deal with this program and that’s why we have a long delay with its implementation and realization.

Highway vehicle (ohv) Eeyou Istchee

This file includes the operation of both snowmobiles and four wheelers. In June 2006, Bill 9 was adopted by the Province of Quebec to improve the situation between trailside residents and OHV users. At the same time an Eeyou Istchee Coordination Panel with representatives from the Grand Council of the Crees/Cree Regional Authority (GCCEI/CRA), Cree Outfitting and Tourism Association (COTA) and the Cree Trappers’ Association (CTA) was established. The Cree Trappers’ Association representative on the panel is their President. The mandate of the Coordination Panel is to make the regulations consistent with the northern Cree context and balance safety issues with the protection of treaty rights and reconcile the two with solutions that are reasonable in the north.